Savage Arts Studio, LLC Jewelry

Savage Arts Studio, LLC Jewelry

Savage Arts Studio, LLC JewelrySavage Arts Studio, LLC Jewelry
Savage Arts Studio, LLC ...where art meets science...

...where art meets science...

About Us

Dragonfly and Inspire word charm necklace with jasper bead

Our Story

Two sisters, one is an Artist and the other a Metallurgical Engineer.  We were partners and friends from day one.  Living our lives filled with passion and creativity in two very different worlds. By combining our artistic and scientific backgrounds we have created a unique and whimsical jewelry line.  We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we have enjoyed making them.

We start with our own original copyrighted designs. They are then etched onto semi-precious metals using either a chemical or electrochemical process. We form the metals – Copper, Brass and Aluminum—into jewelry, necklaces and accessories. The inspiration for our designs comes from the scientific, natural and whimsical aspects of modern culture. While the designs and metals are the same, no two pieces ever turn out exactly alike. 

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